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How Much is This Going to Cost?

2 piece uncheckered - $135 180
2 piece checkered - $175 220

1 piece uncheckered - $160 200
1 piece checkered - $180 220

Prices will vary within each classification to reflect type of finish to be removed. Some require chemical removal.

Add $50 for military stocks

Recoil Pads (grind to fit) installed
unfinished stock - $35 (labor only)
finished stock - $45 (labor only)
You can supply the pad if you prefer.

All stocks sanded to bare wood. Knicks, scratches and compressions will be removed. Gouges will be filled in and cracks will be glued. Let me know if you have a walnut stock or a hardwood stock.

Add $15.00 (east of the Mississippi), $18.00 (west of the Mississippi) for each stock to cover postage and handling




Contact Me for a quote on the total price for your stock.